just plain fsg?

dftkarindftkarin Registered Users Posts: 56
I made my first batch of fsg yesterday: 2 Tbs regular flax seed (not golden), 2 cups tap water, boiled, strained, beat with stick blender to try to break up thick slimy-ness - added two drops lavender eo, stored in fridge (it seemed like there was only a cup of gel in the end - but a lot stayed un-separatable from the seeds I threw in the compost) - and today I used it! Its a dry beautiful day around here (the type of weather that usually results in my best hair days) but my hair stayed wet-looking for hours! Hours!! Finally, I roughly ran my fingers around my hair close the scalp to and then it looked okay - but still not as fabulous as I had expected. It is possible that I had the texture too thick? It was pretty slimy textured and I did use maybe a quarter cup on my shoulder length thick hair (which doesn't seem like too much at all really). I suspect I might have better results is it were less concentrated - can I add water to the existing batch or should I start again? What do you think? Does FSG make hair take a lot longer to dry?

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