Encouragement needed!!!!

Yesterday, I did a beautiful young lady with 3c-4a hair. She normally wears her hair pulled back in a bun. I took her through the whole c.g. process and the results were just amazing. Tons of beautiful spirals, soft, hydrated, healthy curls. If she choses to continue her c.g. journey it will just get better and better.
Thing is..... :( She is just not used to her curls. She doesn't like her curls. She is ready to shave her head.

So, my wonderful c.g. friends <3
Please help!!
Tell her how to hang in there, give her encourgement to start loving her curls, and herself. Tell her how worth it, it will be.
We have all been here!!
Help me, to help her, finally start loving herself.
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    Love the hair that grows from your head. Don't be afraid of your uniqueness.
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    *Muffin* wrote: »
    Love the hair that grows from your head. Don't be afraid of your uniqueness.

    ;)+1. Aww, I hope she takes encouragement from how beautiful her curls looked once they were styled. It must be hard if you're not used to wearing your hair that way, but if you work with your natural texture instead of fighting it, you can be rewarded with a beautiful head of hair (which she obviously has) and you will eventually learn to love what nature intended. I would tell her that wearing her hair curly is definitely worth the effort.:thumright:
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    i used to work with two women i occasionally socialized with. i saw each of them once with their wavy hair natural, both cases it was stunning, and in both cases each said they felt it was messy, could never wear their hair free like that to go to work or basically anywhere.

    it's all about perception and know how. my guess is the young woman whose hair you did will years from now realize how beautiful her hair is and wish she had started earlier. you don't know what messages she receives from her family/frfiends. at least you gave her the tools to care for her hair.

    so, there is a chance with all you taught this young woman she may ever so hesitantly begin to embrace her hair. she may be back!

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    Reminds me of my cousin and one of my coworkers. They both have beautiful curls a lot of people would kill for but they hate their hair curly and blowdry and flatiron it to death. Both have hair that is starting to look unhealthy.
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    Yeah, it *can* take a while to really embrace your natural hair (It did for me anyway). And even now I can feel I'm still growing in my appreciation for my curls -- And that's good! I love feeling how my appreciation is still growing even now! What helped at the beginning was knowing that my appreciation would probably take time. Knowing that probably helped me weather the stormy moments of "Grrrr...I don't know about this whole naturally curly thing."
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    Tell her that many women pay the big bucks to have hair like she has, and that throughout history, curls have been regarded as a symbol of feminine beauty. If you look at women in art, many have beautiful curls.
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    Honestly I didn't know how to care for my hair. I ended up with a weave that ruined my hair because I was "tired of dealing with" my curls. Long story short, my hair matted when I took the sew in out and I had to cut my hair so short...about 12 inches off. I stumbled upon this site and YouTube videos that helped me learn how to care for my hair. It's all about being educated too. Although I had people say "people wish they had your hair" or "people pay a lot of money for your type of hair" I didn't care...because I didn't know what the crap was a wash and go and what products to put in my hair. Now I can get 4th and 5th day hair!!