To 'Poo or Not to 'Poo (Is it worth all of the trouble?)

I have mostly 3c, with some 3b on the bottom. My hair is really curly, many people tell me that it is the curliest hair they have seen. I think it looks good the way I hav been fixing it. I get frustrated when it is fuzzy and the only thing that keeps this away is some type of styling spray and I hate when it is crunchy this happens when I use too much styling spray. My hair is big and I NEED weight so that it is not way too puffy.

I am debating with myself over shampooing or not. I have CG and have skimmed over it a couple of times. I have not shampooed in a couple of days and my hair is not good all that good. From what I have read it takes longer before you see the results. My hair looked great all of this past week and I used Shampoo everyday (I was visiting inlaws and going to a wedding, normally I shampoo every other day and sometimes more often). I always use lots of moisturizing stuff. I also use Noodle Head (just started this a couple of weeks ago) and other Beyond the Zone Products (Gel, Scrunching Spray). I am going to try their shampoo and conditioner if I decide to shampoo, which is what I am leaning toward at this moment. I had my hair cut before hand and that helped tremendously.

I am going away for Christmas as well and want to look good because we are vacationing with my entire family. I don't know if I should keep with no shampoo or wait until after the holidays. Also, it seems like so much trouble, I like my hair without going off shampoo. Is it really that unhealthy? My hair IS dry but I use lots of conditioner and leave some in and Noodle Head has helped. Sure there are some bad hair days but according to the book you have those with the CG routine as well. Usually my solution is a French Twist, a Pony Tail, or flipping it with a hair band.

If I am satisfied shampooing should I change just to see if the results are worth it?

Please some of you who have tried this let me know what you think. You can let me know in depth in addition to taking the poll if you have something to add.

Thanks for your Help! Jesus' Peace and Blessings!
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  • waviecurliewaviecurlie Registered Users Posts: 5

    Well I love CG, BUT if you are using Noodlehead you most likely won't like the CG routine. This is because Noodlehead is incompatible with not shampooing. It has load of cones and coats your hair which leads to build up. I have been doing a modified CG with shampooing once per week and used some cones in my hair for a while and it was fine, but I have decided to drop the cones and give CG a true try. I am anal that way, especially about my hair! Just started today with the true NO POO AT ALL today lol.

    If I were you I would either stick with what you are doing because you like it.. or do the CG routine but without products that will build up on your hair.
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  • jmirjmir Registered Users Posts: 5
    I am only 3 weeks in so I am expecting things will keep changing over the next few months but I can tell one difference already.

    My hair used to be greasy near the scalp and I was an everyday shampoo user. I think it is really true that the more you shampoo the more oil your scalp produces.

    So, if you are assuming your hair will be less clean without shampoo, its not really true. Mine is not oily at all now.
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  • shorty448shorty448 Registered Users Posts: 52
    Yeah, I'd definitely try it out. After all, if it doesn't work for you, the change is not permanent (unlike relaxers, TR, etc). One thing I must point out is that moisture and oil are two entirely different things. My scalp was super oily when I was shampooing every day--I had a greasy scalp and fuzzy, fried ends. Suffice it to say I was not a pretty sight. During the first week or two into the CG routine, I sort of hated my hair but after the third week my hair looked pretty consistently good--curlier, healthier, shinier, and not quite so frizzy. Additionally, my scalp is actually less oily than it was when I shampooed it--I can actually go a day w/o washing if I wanted to do so.
    Anyway, there's no harm in giving it a try. Then again, if you're fairly happy with how your hair looks, you may very well want to stick with whatever you're doing, shampoo only every other day, or buy a sulphate free shampoo like Avalon Organics.
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  • TamrinTamrin Registered Users Posts: 43
    I have very curly, dry, springy 3b hair. It can get fuzzy and frizzy very quickly. I do the Curly Girl routine, rinsing with conditioner most of the time. (Or, conditioner mixed with apple cider vinegar, or I scrub my scalp with a mix of conditioner and brown sugar.) A couple of times a month, I will shampoo with a mild shampoo (Giovanni's moisturizing shampoo, or California Baby.) I'm very satisfied with this. When I shampooed several times a week, my hair was much dryer, and I had horrible dandruff that I couldn't get rid of. Now, my scalp is dandruff-free, and my hair is much less dry too. However, I do like shampooing a couple of times a month...gets all my styling build-up off. Usually, I deep condition with heat after I shampoo...I think that the shampoo clears all the gunk off the hair so that the conditioner can penetrate better.

    I was at first very reluctant to try cutting back on, or eliminating shampoo. It just seemed so weird. Then I thought, "Well, if I try this, and don't like it -- I can always just hop into the shower and wash my hair! What do I have to lose? However, some people have tried no-shampoo (or way less shampoo) and it just does not work for them. Everyone's hair is different.

    For me, it really did take some experimentation to discover what would work for my hair. I played around with this routine during the quiet periods at work, when I knew I didn't have to go out and see any new people. If my hair was a little frizzy or greasy, it was not going to be a big problem. So you might want to wait until after the holidays to do any serious experimenting.
  • Irishcreme1973Irishcreme1973 Registered Users Posts: 1
    When I first started the no-poo routine, it didn't work for me at all. It was during the summer (in Florida) -- so my hair got really dirty and sweaty. Also, my hair was not colored, so it wasn't dry at all. Also, I wasn't "washing" with a clarifying conditioner, but a moisturizing one.

    After getting my hair highlighted, I decided to give it another try. This time, I'm using a clarifying conditioner and scrubbing my scalp more (with Kiwi-lime condish) -- and my hair is SO nice! It is a lot softer and shinier. It's not oily at all. Sometimes I will shampoo with Avalon organics -- but not more than once a week. If I keep getting these results, I won't be going back to shampooing with the harsh stuff. Basically, it works well if you have dry hair, and your hair's not getting particularly dirty everyday. Also, it's very important to use an ultra-light, cleansing conditioner.

    Hope that helped. :)

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