How can I combat one strand knots?

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My hair is a mix between 4a 4b and has traces of 3b and 3c in it. My hair is prone to one strand knots making the detangling process harder and I trim them, how am I supposed to retain length? Anything will help. I think I do a very good job a taking care of my hair I cowash when needed and shampoo 1x every 1-2 weeks and always deep condition whenever my hair gets washed. Then I style with leave in conditioner (cantu repair leave in) and put oil on top (african six oil) then twist. I do this all the time except I alternate between giovanni direct leave in and shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie in place of the cantu repair cream, I detangle with a wide tooth comb or shower comb in sections. How can I prevent this ?

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    My hair is prone to single stand knots too :( I have managed to reduce them in a couple of ways.

    Keeping my ends stretched while my hair is drying and protective styling the majority of the time.

    Also I seal my hair with a shea butter mix (shea butter, olive oil, safflower oil and coconut oil); the shea butter helps weigh down my hair and helps to keep it a lot more moisturised compared to using oil alone. Since I started using it my single stand knots have reduced a lot.

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