Should I have product in my hair when I get it cut?

I'm getting my hair cut on the 25th. It'll be my first time getting it cut in awhile, and my very first time getting it cut curly (I used to straghten). I was wondering, should I go with it naturally, no mousse or gel? Or should I go with my hair how I usually have it? Or, when calling to make the appointment, should I go ahead and ask which they would rather I do?

If it helps, I'm planning on getting it cut at either Honeycomb Hair Boutique or Lucy Skyrocket. Also, if any of you have been to either of these places, I would love some reviews. :) Thanks!
Honeycomb Hair Boutique | Austin, TX
Lucy Skyrocket - Salon Product and Service Pricing - Austin, Texas 78705


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    I just made an appointment for a deva cut yesterday and the receptionist said to wear my hair like I normally would, regardless of amount of product.
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    Okay. Thanks. :)