Need help with my damaged hair :/

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I am 18 years old and havent had a relaxer in about to years. my hair is passed my shoulder when curly, but used to be a lot longer. My hair type is about a 3c, Im half pakistani and half black. but due to using heat once (sometimes twice) a month for the last 2 years, my curls arent clumping together how they used to. They need to be defined I guess. After washing, my hair dries pretty fast, and once dry, is not soft at all. My curls dont look the same when they dry either. Any help? Products/ natural remedies to make my hair softer, healthier, stronger, help my curls clump?


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    Hi Meera! Glad you've joined our community!

    Are you deep treating once a week? Using a leave-in conditioner?

    Dig around the site some; you'll find lots of great info and advice!

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    You are beautiful!