johnny b gel and joico moisture ??s

marjorie.shamarjorie.sha Posts: 10Registered Users
I am considering going mod cg. I may go cg later but baby steps, lol. I was wondering about

Johnny B Super hold no alcohol gel
water,pvp carbomer 940, methylparaben, peg75, lanolin, fragance

Joico Moisturizing (the blue bottle)

The routine I am considering is
shampoo once a week with Joico shampoo and conditioner,co-wash the rest of the week with Suave Naturals Lavender then condition with Garnier Triple Nutrition,
then either Johnny B gel or Garnier Totally Twisted mousse (although I like the hold of gel better)

How is this routine as a mod cg? They are what I have on hand to start, am broke so trying to work with what I have....


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