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guitargirl17guitargirl17 Posts: 17Registered Users
Do you girls (and guys :)) think that becoming a vegetarian would be part of the reason as to why my hair is losing some of its curl? I've been a vegetarian since September 2011 and I've just recently noticed how my hair isn't as curly as it was. I could need more protein... What do you all think? TIA!


  • earthnutearthnut Posts: 226Registered Users
    When I was vegetarian I got plenty of protein. (from grains) It was calcium and vitamin b i had trouble getting enough of. So I doubt it. Have you calculated your protein intake?

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  • guitargirl17guitargirl17 Posts: 17Registered Users
    Hmmm no I haven't! I eat plenty of grains and all but my mom always says that I don't get enough protein so I thought that could be the problem... oh well I can keep looking! :)

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