Curly hair in art

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First off, I wasn't really sure where to put this. It's a topic about curly hair, but it's not really just about curly hair. So, yeah. Mods can move this as they see fit, obviously. :)

Anyway, I was at an art museum yesterday (with my school) and we were mostly looking at Greek and Roman mythological art. In almost all of the pictures, the women had curly hair (well, the men did too), which my mom made an interesing observation about - were they depicted with curly hair because it was something that was prevalent in that area (mediterranean), or was it because curly hair was popular and considered beautiful, and women curled their hair?

It could be both of course, but I thought that was um, interesting. (Gosh, I say that so much, I need a new word. :lol:)

Also, just as a disclaimer, neither my mom or I think that that being of mediterranean descent automatically means that you'll have curly hair.


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    I think it would be a mixture of both.

    Greeks and Italians, from my non-scientific observations, tend to have more curlies in their populations than Russians or Germans, for example.

    Plus, I think they did find curly hair attractive. I was reading something about the history of curly hair and straight hair only really started to become the 'beauty standard" in the mid 1900's.
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    Clearly, curly hair is so beautiful that it inspired some of the greatest art in the world.
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    Yep, there's a reason we still classify certain curls as "Boticelli".

    And curly hair was always the most beautiful to society until our century. Bah, we'll always have our timeless beauty. Imagine the plight of the stick-straight girl in 1112.
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