What am i doing wrong??

i have been wearing my hair curly since Jan 2012, after heat damage i decided to stop straighten it because i want to grow it out,

my routine is: co washing once a week after i deep condition, then i apply my products wet (and yes i do use silicones) then i t-shirt dry my hair and let it air dry, after 2 days i usually do a braidout because my curly are still suffering a bit from heat damage.

Anyway, my hair is still splitting and breaking a bit, its way less then in the beginning but i want it to make it grow untill my tailbone, my hair is in layers and the longest layer is almost waistline but i want it to grow more so what am i maybe doing wrong?

i have a 3b hair type and its soft but with alot of tangles, and my ends are also pretty fragile and brittle after the heat damage, so what can i do to make my hair stronger? protein didnt work, i eat all my vitamines (i dont swollow it) i moisturize and seal very often and i even deep condition with honey, and sometimes it still breaks a little not much but a little, and i dont want it to break anymore....and another question my hair used to be really pretty before heat damage, will my hair ever be that way again? oh and i do trim....once a while

please girls help me out.....

:salute: my fellow curly girls......


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    You may need to trim off a few inches of hair. It's very difficult if not impossible to repair damage, and a lot of times it's easier to start from scratch. I suggest you take a few inches off your hair and enjoy the fruits of your labor as you see more new, healthy, happy hair at your scalp. Good luck!
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    You mentioned that you co-wash once a week but are still using silicones. Are you using a low-poo in between co-washing? If not, those silicones will continue to build up in your hair (conditioner alone will not remove them unless they are water soluble 'cones, which would start with PEG). This could be part of the problem. You may want to so a final sulfate wash and then cut silicones out for a while until you get you hair healthy again. Also, do you know your hair properties (texture, density, porosity and elasticity)? This will help you know which products will work best for your hair. Fine and/or damaged hair usually does need at least some protein - even if you don't want to do a PT, I would suggest having some protein somewhere in your routine. I've also read that it can take some time to notice the difference with protein, so it may just be a matter of needing to hold in a little longer. As the previous poster mentioned, it may be impossible to undo all the damage, but you should start to see results in your new growth - so I agree with the recommendation to get it trimmed.

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