What is a Spa Party?

Ab-starAb-star Posts: 1,128Registered Users
I've been invited to one and am wondering what to expect. It's at someone's house.

Whatever it is, it sounds fun...I'm going! :D
pw - jack

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  • SpinCycleSpinCycle Posts: 724Registered Users
    The "spa party" I got invited to ended up being a party for The Body Shop products. Not bad, though... we got facials and foot soaks and such, but it was kind of all one big sales pitch. :lol:

    But if yours is just a spa party, that sounds like a lot of fun... I could go for one of those. 8)
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    does it require a bikini?
  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 20,727Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Virtuoso
    I went to a Spa Party a few months ago (and am going to another one in April). It was alot of fun! The name of the company was BeautiControl and they sell body products and a make-up line.
    We did a foot scrub, foot soak,foot lotion, hand scrub , hand lotion, lip treatment, eye treatment, a heat-pak neck treatment. We each got a pair of footie sox.
    They have items for most budgets, which is nice. I got a bunch of body stuff and some really nice concealer.
    The consultant was very nice, not pushy at all, and she had really beautiful curly, red hair!!
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    The spa party will probably be a way to sample products, like a tupperware party.
  • Ab-starAb-star Posts: 1,128Registered Users
    Thanks for all the info...it never occured to me that it was that type of party. I do not need anymore beauty products (not because I'm so beautiful, just because I have too darned many already, lol!) so maybe I'll 'forget' my checkbook at home.

    pw - jack

    Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
  • SuZenSuZen Posts: 1,595Registered Users
    Why don't you check with the hostess, because it might not be a product-selling party. It could just be a let's-primp evening.

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