Ugh, boys!

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There is a friend of mine, who is a boy, who is in 1 grade ahead of me, and I think he likes me, but iM not sure. This morning at school, he gave me a high five, and he didn't let go!!! (melting as I read this :-) sorry I get kind of giggly...) I didn't want to let go, but I had to, because all my friends were by me. They already know I like him. How do i tell if he likes me back??? DILLEMAH HERE!!! HELP PLEAZ!!!
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    TELL HIM! Trust me! Once he finds out, he'll be like, Really? I like her too!
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    omg i no what you mean
    just telling him its not the easiest thing i understand
    how come the boys a year older are always the cute ones lol
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    carlitos3 wrote:
    omg i no what you mean
    just telling him its not the easiest thing i understand
    how come the boys a year older are always the cute ones lol

    Not always. My boyfriend is going to be a Junior in high school, and I just graduated. :D

    I don't have any advice, because he says we were officially together as of Valentine's Day. I say it was January 20th, Winter Ball. I spent almost the entire evening in his arms. He was saying we were going as "just friends." Bull.
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    yea I like a guy a grade younger than me.... although I know he doesn't like me. So....that's a dead end. :P
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    ahh i think every girl can relate to your problem. :lol: the best way to find out is to just hang out with him. if you're really THAT unsure as to whether he likes you or not, i wouldn't flat out tell him that you like him. but if you're pretty sure he feels the same way, i would tell him. whatever feels right! good luck!
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    Girl, he likes you. Unless he's the kind of boy that likes every girl - you can see that type from a mile away though. Smile a LOT and act like you have some sense and he'll be on your trail. Sounds like he already is... :D
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    Ok so this happened to me last year (didn't happen but left me with a good story). And I think everyone else is pretty much right. Just tell him. You wait for him to make a move, and sometimes his only move is moving on. If he likes you, then great. If not you guys can probably stay friends, and at least you can move on to another guy.

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