losing my curl!

blackieeblackiee Posts: 3Registered Users
My hair is a loose curl like type 3a but often it lacks definition, or the top layer will have defined curls but underneath will just be sort of wavy.
Also i used to have really frizzy little wisps on top which I straightened every day, and now they just dry completely straight and flat. I have to wear my hair up for school so i am forced to curl these bits every day just so they don't look really weird! I know it's my fault for destroying them with heat but is there anything I can do to grow these bits out or make them regain their curl a bit?! any help would be much appreciated :)


  • Joce12Joce12 Posts: 35Registered Users
    Doing a protein treatment and following with a deep treament may help with getting some curl back, in the mean time you might try finding some small spongy curlers, that are comfortable to sleep on, or use cut up rags and wrap the straight pieces around the curler or rag while their slightly damp and sleep on them that way as apposed to curling them. I've found putting curlers in when the hair is damp works a lot better than a curling iron when it's dry, and it's a lot less damaging.

    Hope that helps some. :)
  • melametermelameter Posts: 14Registered Users
    ^ Great advice,
    Some people tend to be protein sensitive so be careful in that department. You'll end up with straw-like hair. But some deep treatments would definitely help. Also drop the heat for awhile, curlformers will get you curling iron like curls without the heat!
  • blackieeblackiee Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thankyou both ^ :) I've never done any protein treatment before, do you have any recommendations?

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