Is there a good SLS free shamp in the grocery store?

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I'm looking for a reasonably priced one that won't damage my hair or cause skin issues.

I'm looking into this type of shampoo, because I've recently read that SLS can promote hair loss. Since I already have some alopecia from PCOS, I was thinking I should make the switch.


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    Do you want it to just be SLS free or completely sulfate free? The general consensus is to avoid sulfates altogether, but if you don't mind other ones you could try Garnier Fructis Pure Clean. SLS free but has another sulfate and is inexpensive.
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    Johnson baby shampoo is a cheap and easy to find SLS free shampoo. Most baby shampoos are SLS free.

    Natures gate shampoos are good cheap sulfate free shampoos if your hair likes protein.

    Other affordable brands:
    Creme Of Nature Moisture & Shine Shampoo
    Everyday Shea
    Elasta QP
    Renpure Organics

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    L'Oreal's "Ever" line is sulfate free. It's on the ground and fairly cheap. As of late I've been using Simply U. It's some Walmart special, but it's $5.50 for 25oz. Great deal. But it seems a bit too.. "cleansing". It doesn't really dry my hair out, but it leaves it squeaky. It's not as bad as a sulfate, but stronger than L'Oreal.

    You just have to search around. There are lots out there now. So much selection there is!! :) most sulfate free poos will say it on the front of the bottle. :)

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    All the Organix shampoos are sulfate free, and you can find them at some grocery stores, and all the drugstores. :)
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    I also use Walmart's Tru U brand. It does not have SLS in it but it does contain a sulfate (a gentler one though). I've been using it for about a yr and like it. I only use it once every week to week and a half though (co-washing inbetween).