What are your tips or your own regimens for fine hair?

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I've been at the same medium length of hair for years and I want it to grow out now, and be healthier. I would LOVE my hair to be at waist length but even mid back length, not straightened, would be nice. I know I definitely need to start deep conditioning. I will literally go months without deep conditioning and I know my hair needs it. Maybe using some of my protein conditioners more often as well, I'm not sure if I need it.

Ive been reading on fine hair, because I believe my strands are fine. And it seems like there's a consensus that fine hair is the most difficult to retain length past a certain point, and requires special care to do this. The posts I've read on blogs usually say twists are key, wearing them for weeks at a time. I dont think I could leave twists in for 3-4 weeks at a time but I could try to leave them in for a week or so at a time. Idk, I'm just so used to wearing my hair out.

Also, are buns good protective styles for fine strands? I hear a lot of people talking about twists for retaining length on fine hair, but not buns. Would flexi rods be good for the ends of fine hair? I think this would help with my tangles/knots.

Give me any tips on fine hair. Ive also been trying to figure out my porosity , but thats more confusing. I did the cup test and my hair did float for two days, but I'm not sure if I have an issue with absorbing moisture. I also dont have issues holding curls in twist outs and things like that.
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    I will definitely be watching this thread because I'm having the same issue with my fine hair retaining length. If your hair floated for 2 days and it was naked hair, you definitely have low porosity hair (so do I).

    I've been wearing twists for the last 2 weeks and when I wash my hair tomorow it will be going right back into twists. To keep my twists fresh and stretched, I moisturize with water and seal with grapeseed oil before braiding them (using aliciajames' technique) and putting a scarf on for the night. I usually wear a shower cap to keep them from getting damp when I shower and have been wearing cute scarves/headwraps for the last 2 days since the twists don't look as fresh.

    I know I don't deep condition as often as I should either, but when I do I use olive oil and honey. My goal is to retain 1-2 inches of growth by September, so I'm going to do beter with dc'ing! I'm protein sensitive too, so I haven't figured out yet how to balance my moisture with protein, so it seems like I was over-moisturized before I put the twists in.

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    Very very low manipulation. My hair loves wash and go styles, which includes buns but is also whatever I come up with when I hop out the shower and style my hair for the day, like various ponytail styles and updos/pinups. Braids, twists, and out styles tend to be too much manipulation in the long run for me.

    They say fine hair requires a lot of protein, and mine does, but I also find it helpful to not use deep moisturizing treatments/products in order to avoid having to do a strong protein treatment later on. A routine of using only regular conditioners without protein has been working for me, and I switch to regular conditioners with protein when I feel the need.