CO Washing: Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner

KeihsKeihs Posts: 435Registered Users
Sometimes it feels like I'm the only who's tried and liked this conditioner for CO washing. I've tried looking up ANYTHING other than information I could find on the bottle, but came up zilch, zero, nothing. So, if you've tried this conditioner, please share your experience, good or bad. I'm feeling lonely. :(

Anyways, here's my experience..
Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner was my first CO wash conditioner and still my favorite. It left my hair light, soft, full, with a stronger curl pattern and gave my scalp a cool tingle, unlike other conditioners I tried, including VO5, sadly.

I have straightish hair with a slight wave which became stronger with this conditioner to 2a/b-ish and even curls once, which is a big deal for me. I know my hair is curly, but I was taught to shampoo and repeat and hated conditioner because it left my hair flat, limp, and greasy, making my hair hang straight, unlike this conditioner, Aveda RM.
Anyways, I hope it works for you too, whoever tries it and tell me all about it. Lonely.


  • KeihsKeihs Posts: 435Registered Users
    Am I the only one who uses this conditioner for CO? :(
  • curlsarahcurlsarah Posts: 23Registered Users
    I am actually looking into buying it! :) I looked at the ingredients and it seems to be curly girl approved and I LOVE the smell. It's silicone free, right?
  • mandymaemandymae Posts: 150Registered Users
    I like this conditioner, because I LOVE the smell of mint! I imagine it would be like Trader Joe's TTT conditioner, which I have gotten decent co-washes with. I can't recall if it has silicones or not.

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