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I have very dry (I think type 2c) hair and any styling product that I use seems to dry it out even more and build up residue on my scalp. I've tried tons of different shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. What's the best? I'm open to making my own if that will work better! Thanks in advance!


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    Hair properties are the best way to choose ingredients/products that might work for you. Here's a link to help you with yours Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Once you determine your hair properties look for folks with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures.) It's the best way to start.

    When you ask a question, or for help, it's good to give people information about your hair. Curl type is really not all that important. Also, you should let people know what products you are using. That way, they know the ingredients and may be able to pinpoint your problem, or why you're having issues. (what's causing the buildup, etc.)
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    Please read my post........................again, hair is as unique as the person! I have had the build-up and scalp issues in the past but finally found the right combination for my hair. Unfortunately, it has taken decades and who knows how much money to find it! Good luck!

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