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coconut oil in solid form?

curlygirly224curlygirly224 Posts: 16Registered Users
Does anyone know where I can get coconut oil in a solid form? I've heard that it comes like that, I don't even know if it's true or not because I've never seen it. I have it in a liquid form and I think it would be much easier to work with if it was more like shea butter where it is solid and you can rub it between your hands to soften it up a little bit. Thanks :)


  • lcl0706lcl0706 Posts: 959Registered Users
    I got it at my local vitamin-supplement-health-nut-seed-herb store, which is this dinky shop on the street run by a mom & pop, not a chain store. Organic, unrefined coconut oil in a jar is solid in the refridgerator & semi-solid at room temp. Easily scoopable, & can be used like shea butter like you mentioned.

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  • coilynappcoilynapp Posts: 4,233Registered Users
    coconut oil is semi-solid at room temperature. You can find it at your local grocery or health food store.
  • RingletGirlRingletGirl Posts: 11Registered Users
    I found it at Trader Joes.
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  • darkbeautyttdarkbeautytt Posts: 448Registered Users
    You can find it at wholefoods or Walmart

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  • fefe912fefe912 Posts: 570Registered Users
    I got mine from walmart and it was solid when I bought it but it melts at like 76 degrees. I keep it in the bathroom which is the second warmest place in our house so it's been liquid ever since I put it in there.
  • hairy situationhairy situation Posts: 56Registered Users
    Just keep it in the fridge :happy11:
  • elizardelizard Posts: 284Registered Users
    i'm pretty sure i saw it at target.
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  • KeihsKeihs Posts: 435Registered Users
    Just keep it in a cool place, like the fridge.. It melts in warm temperatures and solid at room and cool temperatures.if it's solid I usually just scoop it up with a spoon if I want it to stay solid or rub it in between my hand or heat it up to liquid form.
  • lorennys86lorennys86 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Whole foods or trader joes has them..

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