Review - tested QOD Max OrganiQ yesterday!

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So my UPS delivery finally made it and I tried the QOD Max Organiq on the bottom third of my head (just in case I don't like the results).

I have a natural 3c resistant curl and the bottom of my head is the most healthy hair right now (the top two-thirds is more damaged from keratin).

First impressions of the product and process:

1. I bought the "Shot" which comes with a 60 mL bottle of keratin and 60 ml bottle of clarifying shampoo. I was shocked to see that 60 mL is only the size of a travel-size shampoo! It cost $45 plus $40 in shipping and customs fees. (Doubt I will have enough product to treat the rest of my hair. :()

2. The instructions were ungrammatical and awkwardly written. If a person has never had a keratin treatment, the instructions might be difficult to understand.

3. When I started applying the product, it burned my skin slightly. Nothing terrible, but it makes me wonder what is causing the burning.

4. Doing the actual process - separating the hair into chunks, applying the cream with a brush, blow drying one section at a time, flat ironing piece by piece at 400 degrees, etc. - was difficult for me. I burned myself many times with the flat iron and it was hard to reach my roots. I can see why people prefer to have a stylist do these treatments for them. Still, I can see the advantages of doing it yourself: Free touch-ups at any time, total control over results, cheaper overall, etc.

5. There were virtually no smells or fumes that I recall during the heat-application process. There was some smoke with the flat iron.

6. I didn't wash the product out that same night. I left it in (dry) overnight and shampooed in the morning.

Results: Well, I must say that I am surprised by how lovely the treated hair looks. The curls are elongated, smooth and frizz free. The hair has a nice shine and looks very healthy. Volume is reduced and the hair air-dried faster than normal this morning. The hair is still considered "curly" but a looser curl, which is nice.

Concerns: This morning after shampooing and styling as usual, I noticed that my voice my hoarse. (By the way, my routine involves applying Sarina Key shea cream to wet hair, followed by some Morroccon Oil mousse, followed by Curlesque styling cream by Tigi and allowing it to air dry.)

Back to the hoarse voice issue - I am VERY concerned about this as throat irritation is the reason I stopped using Global Keratin. I had a serious health scare last year when I was hoarse for weeks and felt constant burning in my throat. I went to an ear, nose and throat specialist who wanted to look down my throat with a scope but I didn't do it because I was too scared. He advised me to stop doing this treatment. His exact words were "You are a smart girl. Why are you doing this? I doubt there's anything wrong with you, but my advice is to stop."

I am at work now and still feeling hoarse. There's a tickle in my throat that I keep trying to clear by coughing.

Very concerned about this side effect...

If there is no formaldehyde, what is causing this symptom?

Can someone from the company reply, by any chance?


  • zalimzalim Registered Users Posts: 52
    BTW I did a little more than 15 passes of the flat iron. The instructions say to do 15 passes on virgin hair.
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    The cysteine in the product probably has a high PH. I just did a treatment 4 days ago and I have used this product quite a few times with no side effects...and I have horrible sinus headaches and allergies. I have never done more than five passes though...

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  • zalimzalim Registered Users Posts: 52
    Hey Cupcake!

    Do you mean the high PH could cause a person's voice to go hoarse / throat irritation?

    On a side note, how come you only need 5 passes? I seem to remember your hair being tightly curled naturally.
  • CupcakeCupcake Registered Users Posts: 68
    Other cysteine treatments require gloves...I wonder if that's what burned you.

    My hair is both curly and wavy. I am 3c overall. I don't want straight hair just humidity and reversion control plus I want to keep many curls and just reduce frizz and minimize heat. The first time I did it I only did two passes. I will never do more than five that's too much heat.

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