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I am having trouble finding sunscreen for my sensitive skin. I have been trying to use Olay Complete with SPF 15 and Banana Boat Sport SPF 85. Both sit on my sweat and make me sweat horribly. I live in Philly which has brutal humidity. Compared to how bad I feel in sunscreen, I rather go without even though I know I shouldn't. Looking for advice.:flower:


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    Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch

    one of my friends buys this for me at Costco and i find it absorbs quickly.

    on my face, i've been using the VERY expensive Shiseido Ultra for Face - OMG! it goes on creamy and dries quickly to a non-greasy finish. $35 for 2 ounces... *gulp*

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    so, i may have some of the most sensitive skin EVER!!! everything makes my skin break out, but i spend a lot of time outside. 2 sunscreens i have found that work well:

    coppertone sport (no idea why it doesn't bother me)

    Cetaphil also makes a sunscreen spf 50 that i received as a sample with my facewash (big fan off just about all their products) and LOVED it. i do not like their daily facial with spf 15, too greasy. i prefer to put their sunscreen over their regular lotion. :)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have planning on trying Neutrogena but i'll try Cetaphil too:usa2:
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    I get a rash from anything with a higher spf than 15. I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer spf. 15. I got a rash from the Neutrogena Dry Touch but it was a higher spf. Maybe at 15 it would be a good alternative.
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    This can be a real challenge, as some of the most effective, photostable sunblocks are too irritating for sensitive skin, since most of the really high SPF ones are chemically-based. An option that often works well for sensitive skin are physically-based sunblocks. Usually those are predominantly titanium dioxide or zinc oxide-bases. The problem with a bunch of those, although things are improving somewhat, is that many can leave a distinct white cast on the face. For someone who is very fair, that's not huge, but for anyone any darker than very fair especially with a warm skin tone, one can look like Casper the Friendly Ghost LOL. Often, that white cast can't be fixed with foundation mixed in - it still looks "off". Or the all-physical ones can often have lower PPD values(Persistent Pigment Darkening)crucial if one has hyperpigmentation(aka sun spots or melasma). A sunblock with a high PPD value(the European formulas, as most of the US ones don't have it)will protect hyperpigmented areas from darkening and along with a bit of treatment, hasten the fading.
    But at the end of the day, whatever one ends up with, what counts is the product that you will wear comfortably, consistently, applying enough of it, and is OK on your particular skin. If one has to wear a lower SPF or the product be a bit less photostable in order for one to be able to stand using it, so be it. Sometimes one has to settle - that's the trade-off. Not everyone has resistant skin for sure. There's no need to put up with discomfort in order to protect the skin!
    Over on MakeupAlley, there are a LOT of posts on the skincare board about this very topic. You might want to head over there and enter "sunblock sensitive skin" in the search function on the board - there will be tons
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    Thanks for the info..I am gonna try a physical sunscreen. I think my issue is with the newer chemicals in sunscreens today.
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    I have sensitive skin and I'm darker so I can't use most physical sunscreens without the white cast that the previous poster mentioned. I use Keihls UV Fluid SPF 50. It is expensive ($35 for 2 oz) but it is super concentrated and a bottle lasts me 3-4 months. It is a chemical sunscreen but it doesn't have a negative affect my sensitive, oily, acne prone skin.

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