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Itchy Scalp

Kay_dubbKay_dubb Posts: 36Registered Users
I have a problem with itchy scalp. I find myself always scratching my head to the point that it's sore. Its freshly clean but after 2 days, even when hair is moisturized, it's still itchy. What's a good NATURAL product to use to eliminate the itch? :scratch:
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  • PearlsForCurlsPearlsForCurls Posts: 86Registered Users
    Tea tree oil. 100% all natural tea tree oil. I mix it with my conditioner. You don't need a lot though. You can get it from Trader joes. HTH.

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  • MojoDojoMojoDojo Posts: 702Registered Users
    Or any health food store, really. I put two drops in my condish, work it into my scalp... No itch! <3 tea tree oil.

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  • Kay_dubbKay_dubb Posts: 36Registered Users
    Thanks ladies
    Have Patience :afro:

  • naturallycreolenaturallycreole Posts: 112Registered Users
    Product recommendation, I would say ACV or a clarifying shampoo to ensure buildup isn't an issue.
    Itchy scalp can often be caused by an ingredient(s) your scalp doesn't agree with. Keep a watchful eye. Fragrances are one that usually go under the radar. There is a preservative I noticed my scalp disagrees with.

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  • Kay_dubbKay_dubb Posts: 36Registered Users
    I did the ACV this morning and washed my hair with the tea tree conditioner from trader joes and Olive oil root stimulator. My scalp feels 100% better, but we shall see how long it last. Thanks!
    Have Patience :afro:

  • FabledBeautyFabledBeauty Posts: 145Registered Users
    I def second the tea tree oil comment.. its an extremely powerful and natural anti fungal.. and yeah gross moment coming up... itchy scalps often result from bacteria build up on your scalp.... thats why people get dandruff... the flaky skin is a sign your body is trying to shed the bacteria and I had a period of this I had to deal with as well... after introducing tea tree oil I actually stopped using it because the natural bacteria on my head balanced itself out....
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  • hippiedollhippiedoll Posts: 398Registered Users
    The itchy scalp thing gets better as you go further into transitioning... At least for me. I've had dry scalp all my life, even natural as a kid. What helps is using natural oils on my hair. I wash my hair every week with a low poo but incorporate co washing when necessary. Hot oil treatments helped me a lot. Try tea tree oil as well in your shampoo or on your scalp
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