House floor plans and babies/young children

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With a little one on the way, DH and I have decided to look around at houses since we are currently in a small apartment and would prefer not to live in an apartment once the baby is born.
We have noticed that a lot of houses have the mother in law floor plan where the master bedroom is on one side of the house and all others are on the opposite side. For those with little ones, is this type of floor plan a bad idea? Granted, the baby would be in the room with us for the first few months, but once the kid is in his/her own room would it be a big deal to have rooms on opposite sides of the house?


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    I don't think so. Our daughter's room is on the opposite side of our apartment (and we're not in a small apartment). We've not had any problems.
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    You'll appreciate having bedrooms on the opposite sides of the house when the child's older! :oops: & :x (privacy for you & hubby in your room, & play or friend noise from their room)

    If you're worried about not hearing the child or seeing what/he she is doing, there are baby monitors, speaker-only type & those with CCTV.
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    I don't think it would be an issue. Like you said, the baby will be with you for a while, and then when he/she goes into a separate room, you will use a monitor to hear him/her.

    When we were househunting (with a 9 month old), my deal-breaker was having the kids rooms on a different floor of the house from the master bedroom. That's a common style in some regions and not one that I am comfortable with at all, both for when they are little and night-waking and even when they are a little older.
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    Just make sure you have locks on the doors...
    I digress...
    :lol: :oops:

    I think it sounds fine.
    Altho we have a 2 story, which can give you lotsa exercise! :lol:

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    our kids' rooms are downstairs. our master is upstairs.

    even though we had a family bed, we sometimes put our kids to sleep in their rooms for naps and um, :oops:. anyway, i never felt comfortable with them being so far away and on the level with both main ways of entry. of course, we have a monitor.

    and now that they are 8 and 4, i still use the monitor at night for peace of mind (that thing gets great range! i can hear people moving about in the cul de sac behind us on a quiet night; i can hear the bunny and birds in the shrubbery outside our daughter's window.). we have a security alarm system, but i still want to be able to hear any home invasion, crying, falling out of bed, etc.

    i love that we have a buffer between their rooms and ours for when we want privacy.

    we plan on moving this year into a one-level house. we'll retire the monitor at that point.

    we don't have to have the bedrooms on different ends of the house. actually, i don't think i'd like that.

    but i've seen homes where all the bedrooms are on one end of the house, but the master is still separated by one or two hallways for privacy. it gives the parents "noise" protection, yet keeps the private rooms in one area.

    i'd be paranoid that someone would snatch our kids over on the other side of our house without us knowing until morning! that's the scaredy cat in me!
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    So it sounds like MIL floor plan isn't such a bad idea, which is great because I didn't want eliminate a whole section of houses in our search.
    Thanks for the input.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    When my brother and I were little we shared a room that was adjacent to my parents room. We also did not have a door on our room. We learned very quickly the meaning of sharing a space - learning to be quiet, not being screamy kids, knocking on closed doors etc. When we got older (I think I was about 7 and brother was 10), my dad converted the attic to two bedrooms and our old bedroom became the den. It wasn't so bad sharing a room so close to the parents except on saturday mornings when we wanted to watch TV early in the morning.

    I guess it depends on your discipline style and how you want your household to run.
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    Our bedroom's at the front of the house and the other bedrooms are at the back, we never had a problem with it when my boys were babies. Used a monitor until they were about 3, I think, and it was fine.
    3b in South Australia.
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    When I was around 2, my parents built a house. The Master Bedroom was downstairs and kids rooms were upstairs. They had a monitor and baby gates so I wouldn't fall down the stairs, but my mom knew it was only time until I could get past the gates. She had my bedroom door sawed in half horizontally and then attached a lock that would connect both halves to make the door "whole" again. If I was playing in my room or napping or whatever, she would close the bottom section and lock it, leaving the top half open so she could hear me if I needed her. It worked out great and she would always surprise me by doing silly things behind the bottom half until I noticed: blowing bubbles into my room for example.
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    At our old home in Ohio (a one story), our son's room was right across the hall from us. We had closets seperating the rooms, but I almost felt it was too close.

    In the new home we're building in Austin, his room is on the other side of the house. We plan on having a security system installed that will monitor the windows at the front of the house (where our son will be).

    I persoanlly would rather my child be at the other end of the house than on another floor.
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    Uh, how big are your houses, people?

    Clearly you don't live in Los Angeles. Not one of my friends (including the one w/a million dollar house) has a house big enough that you can't hear everything in it and the whereabouts of all who live there. Sheesh.
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    In our house, the MBR is split from the other bedrooms. Our kids were both under 2 when we moved in so we kept them in our room for the first several months.

    I really like the separation and privacy.
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  • solangesolange Posts: 2,539Registered Users
    vivasmom wrote:
    Uh, how big are your houses, people?

    Clearly you don't live in Los Angeles. Not one of my friends (including the one w/a million dollar house) has a house big enough that you can't hear everything in it and the whereabouts of all who live there. Sheesh.

    LOL!! I grew up in a house like this!! Noisy, close and full of siblings and pets :D

    I definitely enjoy the quiet now - 2800 sqft. This is actually small for where I live.

    We have some sort of accoustic stuff in the walls and ceiling that mutes the sounds??? I am not sure exactly what it is, installed by the previous owner.
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    My DH and I are planning on building a house similar to the split Master and kids room. My question is is safer for the kids rooms to be at the front or the back of the house? Our plan has the kids room in the front and the guestbedroom/office in the back.

    My reasoning was safer in the back because the windows would be enclosed by the fence therefore deterring a predator. Other than safety I was just thinking it would reduce the noise of the street and somebody ringing the doorbell or knocking loud wouldn't wake a baby.

    DH says it's safer for the rooms to be in the front. He says if someone is going to break in they don't want to be seen therefor they will break in at the back of the house where the fence blocks the view of anyone seeing them. He also said this is why we wouldn't put big bushes in the front of the house so that someone could be hidden.

    Thoughts?? I would love to hear all of your opinions!!!

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