Am i doing enough to have healthy growing hair??*HELP*ADVICE!

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BACKGROUND: im a 16 year old black female with 3c/4a type hair. im relaxed. i had basically a pixi cut/old rihanna short haircut winter of '10. and i didnt really begin a healthy relaxed hair journey until around the beginning of this year. my hair is now about an inch over the tp of my shoulders.

-wash w/ olive oil shampoo, or other moisturizing shampoos
-condition w/ coconut oil conditioner or a vo5 moisture conditioner
-deep condition once a week with a mix of olis and deep condioning packs
-air dry hair, flat iron 1nce a week
-put EVOO and pure coconut oil in my hair daily, or another leave in before i wrap my hair at night
-ive been recently co-washing every tuesday then doing a protective style until thursday
-i add garlic pills and biotin pill contents to my oils and i take them in the vitamin form
-i moisturize my ends too.
-i get relaxed every 7-9 weeks

i wanna know if im doing enough, that I'm actually doing alright and that i should see growth and have collar bone or chest length hair by the year is over if i continue on my journey. TIPS AND ADVICE ARE WELCOMED


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    How often do you shampoo?

    1. If you don't want to go natural try stretching further between relaxers.
    2. Straighten way less and find a good heat protectant also watch how high you have the heat.
    3. Think about taking the supplements orally. I like biotin and msm.

    Good luck and happy hair journey :)
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    You may want to stick to relaxed hair, but I would *really* recommend going natural. There have been ladies who have grown relaxed hair really long, but many find it easier when at their natural texture. You would have to start all over again, but I think the results are really pretty. I don't have hair like that, so when I see well taken care of natural hair, I go all :love10: I mean, it's just so voluminous and luscious! (Just something to consider--not trying to push you in any direction).

    Anyway, I would recommend no heat at all. I remember when my hair was waist-length and I used heat on it for the first time. It was only one time. That was my first time getting split ends, since I had always taken really good care of it prior to that.

    I just take a multivitamin every other day instead of specific vitamin supplements for all over health, which gives you biotin along with everything else. Hm...How often are you planning on trimming?
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    I'm not gonna say stop relaxing because that's obviously what you like, but i'd really recommend stretching them to every 10-12 weeks. Every other month would be good too if you don't like the idea of every three months(stretching it out like that can be tricky).

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