Question about Muslim women

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Lately I've been trying to dress more modestly and I really really like how fashionable and cute yet modest Muslim women dress. My question is this though, we just got back from a weekend in Chicago and many of the Muslim women were wearing light material long sleeved tunics and the like, but some were wearing trench coats and crazy hot looking knee length jackets. It was 103 degrees. Do they have to always cover all skin, even at home? If I dressed the way some of them I saw in this heat I'm sure I would pass out. Just wondering.


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    I don't know much about "Muslim" attire.

    I have a couple of Indian pieces of clothing. Almost everything would be comfortable in hot weather because most of the material is loose and flowy. Believe me, it is HOT in India, so the clothes are made accordingly. They can be modest as well.

    Try a salwar kameez! These are pretty modest midlength dresses with pants that cover the leg. You could also try a choli with a long skirt ( forgot the correct name for it). Usually a choli will show the midriff but I'm sure you could find a long one or get a sari to cover it up. ( that's what I've seen a lot of older women who don't want their tummies to show doing)

    Pattu pavadai for little girls are super cute!
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    Yes my neighbor/friend is from India. She usually brings me back a couple of skirts when she visits home. But my question was, do Muslim women have to dress at home the way they do in public? If they have a private pool, can they wear a bikini? (as long as no men other than their husband is around of course)
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    Muslim women don't have to cover in their own home unless a non related male is present. I don't know why some of my beloved sisters go out looking like dog gone bee keepers. Its permissable to cover everything but your face & hands. The materials worn vary based on tradition & even season. Pakistanis may dress different from Egyptian or Sudanese. Some wear a niqab over their faces. I wear a lot of silk cotton & linen when I cover.

    Some of the dresses you may have seen have two names. Some are jilbabs, some are abayas. They can be very intricate & detailed. I have a Jinan that is hand made & when I lose a few lbs I'll wear it It has a hood. I don't own any abayas. google these terms for images & stores selling Islamic wear.

    Everything in moderation?
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