4c hair help I've very confused

TrejanTrejan Registered Users Posts: 2
I have no Idea what Shampoo or conditioner to use and I'm going to college and I uselly get my hair twisted then untwisted but That isnt going to be a option in college I was wondering what is a good way to tame and curl my hair


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    Congratulations! No need to be confused. Get a big bottle of conditioner like honey hemp by oyin handmade. I suggested them because their products are good and they sell the conditioner in a super large size that would last youo a long time. You could also use their whipped pudding for moisture and then use their pomade on top. Their products are softening (since you are prepping 4c) : ).
    Wash your hair or cowash it, towel dry then apply the two products. Take sections, comb through with a wide tooth comb and two strand twist your hair. You should be dry by morning and can then go on to class or take the twists apart, separate and fluff/shape, and THEN go to class, lol.
    You'll soon see that it gets easy. I could suggest some other products but I'm sure other people will and I don't want to overwhelm you. Best of luck in school and on your natural journey!

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    What products do you normally use?
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    Herbal essanson totally twisted conditoner, and motions shampo
    Rimi wrote: »
    What products do you normally use?
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    Trejan wrote: »
    Herbal essanson totally twisted conditoner, and motions shampo
    Rimi wrote: »
    What products do you normally use?

    Are you not happy with those products? How are you wanting to wear your hair? Do you use a leave in conditioner or any oils?
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    I highly recommend trying out Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner as its reasonably priced and easy to get. For shampoo, one of my favorites is Kinky Curlys Come Clean. To style, I take in a gel into relatively large sections and then scrunch in some oil or pomade when dry. HTH!
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