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Do they cause an accelerated hair growth? I haven't actually asked anyone if a diet that has more protein has caused a significant difference in their hair growth, but it makes sense to me that it would. I'm eating a protein bar right now and it's so nasty but I wanna know if I'm not eating this thing for nothing lol

Does it make difference? Thank you :)
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    I am actually drinking a protein drink right now. I have one about once week because I don't eat a lot of animal products and I'm trying to put on muscle mass.

    As for hair growth, I think if you are deficient in protein and then it will help grow hair, but be forewarned about that. Protein deficiencies are only common in "3rd world" countries because of starvation. It is said that most Americans consume too much protein. One of the symptoms of a protein deficiency can be hair loss, so I think this is where people get this from. But I think it only helps hair growth in people who were previously starving, such as those without access to food or recovering from an eating disorder.

    And I really think it's dangerous for some of these ladies trying to grow hair to be consuming so much protein. Too much protein can be harmful, and I really think that if you eat animal products or lots of broccoli and nuts and don't work out heavily then you probably don't need supplements.

    If anything, I think there should be a focus on things Western diets are usually deficient in, like certain vitamins. I hope you found this helpful. :) I also don't think it's a good idea to be overdosing on biotin for this reason. Your body just doesn't use excess of most things.

    These sources explain it better than me:

    This is why you need it after a workout: Protein After Workout: Men's
    This is the rarity of protein deficiencies: How Common Is Protein Deficiency? | LIVESTRONG.COM
    What can happen with too much protein: 8 Side Effects of Too Much Protein. | Davey Wavey Fitness
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    Thanks for the articles! The only meat I eat is the occasional fish, and with these protein bars/drinks, I think some days I consume too much protein. A protein drink/bar every day is too much for me. Once or twice a week seems better.
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    I'm peskitarian too :fish:, and no problem. :)

    Yech, protein things taste terrible. I don't even want to think about daily drinking those berry mixes I got. I think you're right to have it in moderation.
    Dense but fine and delicate 3a hair. Feels like a dandelion without product. Difficulties in getting less puff and more definition when short.

    On a mission to grow out after my big chop! :cat:
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    I'm a vegetarian and I'm not big on nuts or beans, though I try to eat more of both and also tofu. Because of this, I drink a protein shake every other day for breakfast. My dad showed me the brand Ensure and each bottle has half your daily protein (25g) I couldn't find one with higher protein. It actually tastes alright! I get the chocolate flavor and it reminds me of a slightly watered down chocolate shake. And the flavor grows on you lol.
    Although I haven't noticed a difference in my hair growth, I know that not getting enough protein is bad for your hair and this is a proven fact.
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