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Hi there! I am clearing my body care/skin care stash of everything that I have in multiples. All of these products are new and unused, but may not be in their original boxes. All prices include shipping. If interested, please email me at [email protected] with your email for a PayPal invoice and for a faster response. All items are available until sold.

7 Day Cream Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula, 3.4 oz
Quantity: 2, $18 each

Acne Solutions Toner, 6.7 oz.
Quantity: 1, $14

Estee Lauder
DayWear Advanced Multi Protection Antioxidant Crème SPF 15, .5 oz.
Quantity: 1, $15

Vanilla & Rose Body Balm (I think this is 4 oz., there is no size on the package)
Quantity: 1, $18

Absolute Premium Replenishing Cream, .5 oz
Quantity: 1, $40

-Neutrogena Naturals **used, buy the whole set for $20**
Purifying Facial Cleanser, 6 oz, 90% remaining
Quantity: 1

Multi Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer, 3 oz., 75% remaining
Quantity: 1

Purifying Pore Scrub, 4 oz. 95% remaining
Quantity: 1

A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea, 1 oz
Quantity: 2, $25 each

-Solstice Scents
Body Ganache in Cenobite
Quantity: 1, $8

-Peter Thomas Roth
Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion, .5 oz
Quantity: 2, $15 each

Unwrinkle Peel Pads, 20 pads
Quantity: 1, $15

-360 Skincare
Alpha Hydroxy Acids Facial Crème, 2 oz.
Quantity: 1, $18

Louve Masterpiece Masque with Chardonnay Extract & Olive Oil, 6 oz. (dry)
Quantity: 1, $20


  • mdprimarmdprimar Posts: 24Registered Users
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    You should probably try this over on the swap board ^.^
    21 y/o lifelong natural {4a-O ; spongy ; coarse ; dense ; MBL stretched}

    products {'poo: TJTTT shampoo | RO: TJTTT Condish | LI/style: TJTTT Condish, homemade cocoa butter cream | DC: condish + ayurvedic powder(s), Aussie 3MMM Treatment | PT: condish + NPF | oils: castor oil, grapeseed oil | other treatments: probiotics, tea rinses, AVG rinse/spritz, oil rinse | sealing method: LC sometimes O}

    long-term: HL stretched, BSL unstretched

    CG-friendly Products List!

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