Curly is catching on!

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Ok, so I noticed that curly-ness has become so much more popular, and I was so excited! I was just reading a magazine, and I usually skip the hair section because it only has hairstyles/haircuts for straight haired girls. This time, however, they had tons of advice (which I already knew, thanks to NC!) such as using a sulfate free shampoo, DCing, cutting out silicones, and diffusing! I had never seen this info in a magazine before!

Also, walking around in the streets of Chicago, I felt like I saw a TON more people with wavy and curly hair instead of fried hair that was obviously straightened. It might just be because of the crazy heat an humidity but it made me so happy to see that more and more people are embracing their natural texture :)

Have you guys noticed this too?


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    Yep. And I love it!

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    Agree. More actresses and commercials with curly hair. And the new movie Brave has the little girl with wild locks. Love it!

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    I have noticed this too!! I also live in the Chicago area and everywhere I go lately I see natural curlies. Yay!!!

    Although a tiny part of me feels like my territory is being encroached on... I mean hey, I've been here all along! :) Buy seriously, I am so glad to see people embracing their natural beauty.
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