Brazilian Blowout upkeep

kattronkattron Posts: 1Registered Users
I got the Brazilian Blowout done for the second time a few months back. Don't even get me started on the clear difference between the BB free and the BB original... I'm looking for a cheap alternative to keeping my roots tamed. The curl in my roots (1-2 inches from my scalp) is much stronger than the rest of my hair. I really don't want to go spend $300 on the BB free right now since the rest of my hair is fine. An at home alternative would be much better for now. Anyone have and suggestions or recommendations?


  • zalimzalim Posts: 52Registered Users
    Hi Kattron,

    I've had Brazilian Blowout and Global Keratin done and now I'm going to try the DIY treatment QOD Max Organiq. I'll post about my experience soon.

    Not sure about your hairdresser, but the one who did my GK was willing to do a root touch-up on me. We never got to that point so not sure how much he would have charged me but probably less than full price. I've stopped using those brands because of the formaldehyde.

    P.S> Just wondering did BB loosen your curls to your satisfaction? I found the original formula weaker than GK (even though it is supposed to have way more formaldehyde than GK). I was very happy with the results achieved with GK.

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