How to isolate hairs before applying BKT?

zalimzalim Posts: 52Registered Users
My QOD organiq is on the way! Now I am worried about successfully applying this product.

1. How can I isolate the straight/overk-keratined pieces of hair that I don't want to treat again? Do you have a trick for isolating?

2. If I have to completely wet my hair before applying the solution, how can I tell what the texture is of various sections, to gage how much product and flat ironing to apply to those sections?

3. Am I supposed to leave the product in my hair for a day or two, or can I wash it out the same day? (Perhaps Cupcake can tell me...)

Finally, what should I expect in terms of results? My current hair is fairly curly (3a) but my virgin roots are 3c and resistant. Will QOD Organiq stretch out my curls a lot, a little, or only give a shiny, frizz-free effect?

Thank you!

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