Why FSG?

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I've been experimenting with homemade FSG for a couple of weeks with less than fabulous results. I notice that a lot of people on the boards use the FSG with another harder hold gel. So my question is, why use the FSG, other than the fun-factor of making your own products and knowing what's in it? Why not just use the hard hold gel on its own? Does FSG add something that's not in your standard commercial gel?
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    Not everyone is going to like the same products, we all have different needs and wants for our hair.

    I love my own FSG and I don't need to use a harder holding gel with it. In the winter, it's all I use over my heavier LI. Now that the dew points are higher, I just use FSG and my own hair serum that has camellia seed oil and *gasp* three different silicones in it.
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