Happy Birthday, curlypearl!

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Hope you have a wonderful, magical, fabulous day!!! :blob3:


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    Have a happy fun filled birthday day!!!!
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    Happy birthday!

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    Happy birthday to my hero!!! Hope you have an awesome celebration - you deserve it!!!
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    happy birthday, dearest CP!!!

    hope you have a great year ahead.

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    I hope you have a great day and many happy returns!:toothy10:

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    Yay --- Happy Birthday, Curly Pearl!
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    Happy birthday!!!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
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    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:occasion7::blob4::cheers::occasion2:
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    Happy Birthday, CP!!

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    Happy Birthday dear CP!!! Have a marvelous day-you deserve it!!!! :blob5:
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    :occasion4: :wav: :occasion4:

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


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    Happy Birthday my dear friend.....

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    Enjoy your day!
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    Happy birthday! !

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    Have a fantastic birthday!!!
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    Happy Birthday CP!

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    Happy birthday! :occasion7:
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    Happy birthday!!!!!
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    OH my goodness! How did you all know? I thought they had the date wrong in my profile somewhere and I didn't tell anyone.

    But - Oh - what a wonderful surprise to come home from a fantastic party (for me! - with cake and presents and hugs and dog) and it is 11:47 and I clicked on and got all your warm wishes.

    Thank you all so very much. You made me tear up (but fortunately, I had already washed off the mascara).

    BIG hugs and wonderful good wishes to all of you. This was the icing on my wonderful birthday cake/day. :love6::love6::love6::love4::love4::love4:
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    happy belated birthday!

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    Happy Birthday!!! Yay! I know what it must mean to you to celebrate another year of life.

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    Yes, have tons of fun!!
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    Aww, it's about 10 mins past time (on PST, at that), but Happy (belated) B-day CP!!! Glad you had a great one.

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    ahh, I can't believe I missed this thread! I know I'm late, but happy birthday, and I hope you had a great day!
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    I'm late to the party too so a belated Happy Birthday, glad you had a good day.

    3b in South Australia.
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    Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great day! :)

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    Happy Happy Birthday to you !
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    Happy Birthday Baby!

    Happy Birthday Baby! - YouTube