How do you stay patient when growing out your hair?!

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I just started growing my hair out in April. My hair is almost 2 inches long. I'm a very fickle person by nature, and I'm finding it very hard not to do something to it like cut my hair off, or dye it (which I don't want to do deep down inside), or throw in a texturizer to just give me a different look. I can't do anything with my hair but since it's long enough to look messy I still have to have to put work into its upkeep. Ugh! I'm basically trying to grow my hair to a little past ponytail length. I don't know, it's frustrating. How do you keep patience with growing out your hair at a stage you can't do anything with it? Seriously! I've been eying these clippers for awhile now. I'm caught in between just keeping it in a plain, ordinary fade (I'm a guy by the way) or just going for longer hair. I know I'll probably regret it if I cut my hair because it seems like it's felt like forever since my last hair cut (even if it hasn't been that long), but I still find the urge to just shave it off. HELP!! It's such an awkward stage for me because my length doesn't seem to compliment my style, but I know if I wait it out until it's ponytail length and I can do stuff with it it will compliment my style. Sorry for the long post, I just need some motivation!! Thanks a lot


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    Waiting is hard. Most of us here are in the same boat. Just take care of your hair and try your best to hang in there. :)

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    I totally understand cus no matter what goals I meet I always feel like I need to raise my bar. Honestly there's not much you can do to get it to grow faster beside drinking more water if you don't get enough, supplements, and retention. Right now if I were you id find out what my hair likes so that by the time its grown out you already have a set regimen. Make small goals to achieve in between so you don't get discouraged. They don't even have to be about length you could aim for more moisture or curl definition for example. I guess its just about finding other things to focus on cus you know what they say about a watched pot. Good luck.
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    when i feel like its taking ages or i see no progress i look at other gawjuss curlies. on here or i google my hair type, like "long natural 3 hair" or somthing like that, that always helps me.

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    i agree with bleuyteuy make smaller goals
    my hair was right at chin length and my 1st mini goal was for it to just touch my shoulders now i want it at shoulder length without even really stretching then tounching arm pit then full arm pit. idk it helps me lol and then taking pictures every 3-4 months. it is really hard
    but you gotta just hang in there.

    im just like you, i wish my hair was already arm pit length right now so i can hurry n grow it out alot longer but it wont happen so i just have to wait and keep doin what im doing. dont get discouraged ^.^
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    By nature, I am quite patient, but I suggest concentrating on achieving a healthy scalp and hair. Also, moisture, minimal manipulation, etc... When you do these, the growth and retention is automatic.

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    I know how you feel. About 5 months ago my hair lady cut my hair way too short (even though I told her I wanted it long enough to put it up in a puff pony... guess she went a little crazy that day).

    Anyway, I found that the best thing was to try not to obsess over it, because it's still going to grow. In the meantime, my focus was just to keep my hair healthy by keeping it well-moisturized. I try not to think about it and go on with my day. It's now (finally!) long enough to put up in a puff.

    Before you know it, yours will be, too!
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    What helps me is I think to myself, "if you cut it your frustraions will last that much longer. Haste makes waste". That usually gets me back on track. Doing the opposite of what you want will not help the situation. Its an opportunity to grow in more ways than one ;)
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    What's worked for me is protective styling. When I used to get cornrows with extensions, I wouldn't see my natural hair for 4-6 weeks, but I was always so impressed when I would take my braids out and see all the growth. Protective styles are a great way to protect your ends from harm, switch up your style, and just let it grow!

    Also, feel free to look into henna treatments if you feel like you need a new color. Head scarves, new jewelry and flattering makeup with also help to enhance your hair style and keep you from worrying so much.

    Whenever I start to get impatient, I always remember that, unless I have some sort of medical condition or some other issues, my hair *is* growing. It's just a matter of retaining the length as it comes.

    Best wishes!
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    Thanks people. I like that quote, "if you cut it your frustraions will last that much longer. Haste makes waste."
    I'm going to stick it out. Braids don't look right on me, but I'll stick with trying to keep my hair as healthy as I can. I know I'll be pleased in the end, it's just hard at this short length since I can't pull it back when I don't feel like dealing with it. So once again, thanks all of you.
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    Yea it is hard! I have had long hair all my life so this short hair is killing me. I have 6-8 inches of hair on my head but the shrinkage kills me. Maybe you should weave it up so you won't feel the urge to do drastic things to it.
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    Don't wait for it to grow. My hair was WL before it was all chopped off and I was constantly measuring length... It's silly to do, honestly. Time is really all you need, time to stop worrying about length. Once you get to that point you hair will grow faster than ever. Think of watching your hair grow to watching the minute hand on a clock. Instead focus on health, or finding cut e hairstyles... Enjoy your length the way it is now instead of worrying about the length you want it to be. Long hair is fun, but it can be quite tedious. So just enjoy your hair now, no matter how long it is. Before you know it, it will be down your back.
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    I don't have a philosophy about it, even though I'm impatient, too, and dislike the cut I got which took me too short.

    Basically, I'm looking at it this way: the weather here is so awful lately that no matter the length, my hair would probably not be at its best, anyway. So, I'm free to "try less" ---- I go without products, I put it up more, I even wear a hat (lots of deer flies, and they always go for the head, the ***@%!$#). By the time autumn arrives, I should have a good amount of length (or at least more than I've got now), and all I have to do in the meantime is keep it (relatively) clean.

    In a sense, that means I give up temporarily.
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    im a little impatient ,too. I try to create other goals that follow up to my hair goal (like removing braces, waiting for the next grade, waiting to move) so that when that goal/time period comes I will have it and longer hair.
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