CG reboot

I started on this journey about 2 weeks ago, when I saw a Devachan stylist who convinced me to not cut off my damaged hair (rather to let it grow and see what my curl would do), and showed me how to co-wash, plop, clip, etc. She also fixed my roots with a demi-perm color, I am forever grateful.

I tried using the L'Oreal EverCreme shampoo and cleaning cond, AO Rosa Mosqueta shampoo/cond (which I reviewed in the product forum), the Matrix Biolage gelee that I already had, Devachan volumizing foam, AOMM, a microfiber towel, air drying, at various times, and was getting truly awful results.

Today I said "To hell with it, I'm starting over!" The AORM cond was too heavy for my hair, so I got out my Nexxus Therappe SLS shampoo, second wash with AO Blue Camomile shampoo, then cond w/Suave Coconut condish. I finger-combed through some Aussie Intense Freeze gel, then squished out the excess moisture with the microfiber towel.

Instead of air drying, I diffused, holding my head to the side so my (short!) hair would stand away from my head, even diffusing the crown upside down in an attempt to get some height. (When I would air dry the top would look flat and straight, even with clipping the roots).

Oh. My.

My hair ended up clumping in places, not so much in others, with very lazy spirals and some frizz. I mixed one drop of AOMM with distilled water in a tiny spray bottle and 'refreshed' my hair mid-afternoon, which worked okay. Even nine hours later it still looks okay... I can be seen in public with hair like this.


Tomorrow I'm going to do it again, using more Gel, and possibly adding some of the Devachan volumizing foam. I got better curl definition with that, much better than the Biolage gelee.

It's SO HARD for me to keep my hands out of my hair! Seeing how so many folks' hair has progressed over time is really encouraging, and I know that when this mess grows out some things will change.

I'm trying to be brave and let my silver come through, as well! :hiding: Wish me luck on that!
Dye free since 8/2/12
CG since 6/29/12
Type: 2c/3a, medium, thick
Cowash: Suave TC Conditioner
Poo: SM Coconut-Hibiscus Shampoo
Curl Enhancment: CJCCCC!!,
Gels: HETT, BRHG, EcoStyler
Mousse: Deva Frizz-free Volumizing Foam
PT: IA Girl's Gelatin PT

Experimenting with VO5 Kiwi-Lime for Condish styling, as well as looking for an affordable substitute for Deva FFVF.

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