Sometimes ya just get frizz...

MyrnaMyrna Posts: 2,471Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
Right? its just a bad hair day, and despite doing the same things you've done before - frizz happens. Frustration.


  • proudcurlygirlyproudcurlygirly Posts: 478Registered Users
    :neutral:I agree. I always get some frizz which I attribute to my hair texture, but on some days I get more frizz than on others, despite using exactly the same products/routine. Mystifying!:confused:
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    I blame the weather. Last few weeks were just absolutely disgusting in New York (I'm talking dews at 70, humidity at 86% at 7am). I found that Curl Keeper helped, but no matter what I did I had frizz.

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    My hair is 50% frizz on a good day! But I think I like the frizz a little. :)

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    Welcome to my world.
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    sometimes I rather have some frizz than no body and texture. I dont like when my hair looks too "producty" and close to my head. I live in NY too. If we can survive with our hair here, we can survive anywhere-LOL
  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Posts: 1,354Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    well ive had fizz my whole life, and ive come to love my fizz. my man loves my hair nice and big, he still cant get over how much volume ive got n loves it. so ive too came to love my fizz and embrace it. i tend to work with it not against it. for example, when its not that fizzy, ill wear it out, if only a part of its fizzy then ill braid it some how, if the whole things really really fizzy, (like today) ill try to settle it, if it doesnt work ill just chuck it up in a bun.

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  • anonymous_22139anonymous_22139 Posts: 659Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    At least you have some days without frizz. In two years here I have never obtained that. I am finally embracing my huge frizz.:flower:
  • sunnydivasunnydiva Posts: 17Registered Users
    Myrna wrote: »
    Right? its just a bad hair day, and despite doing the same things you've done before - frizz happens. Frustration.

    Myrna, I'm thinking you're right :glasses2:. My hair started frizzing this summer, from one day to the next. I'm in South Florida, so humidity is a MAJOR factor right now, and it's pretty frustrating!

    Some changes I've made is now I apply my hair products when my hair is sopping wet (when it's not as humid, I don't do that because I get more volume when I wait a bit to apply styling products). Lately I've been experimenting too--when my hair is soaked just as soon as I've finished showering, I immediately apply a quarter-sized amount of plain jojoba oil and comb it through. Then I've been applying some leave-in, then a styler, followed by a gel for hold. About an hour later, I apply a pea-sized amount of pomade for shine, moisture sealing, and breaking any crunch.

    Normally, what I've described above would be too much product for me, as I have very fine hair that tends to go limp pretty easily if I put too much in it--I generally like to use 2 products MAX. But I have found that with humidity, I seem to need a bit more of everything, and adding some more products to the mix has seriously helped tame the frizz.

    I know you're worried about leaving in too much conditioner at the crown, but you should still experiment--it may be just the solution you need for now :angel5:
  • yossarianyossarian Posts: 967Registered Users
    I lived in NY for 36 years, and never had frizz until I moved to FL. Never thought about dewpoints, hard water, etc. Now it's a daily battle of wills between my hair and me, especially since I have a jones for the beach. (Well, if I'm going to be stuck in this place, might as well enjoy its best feature! : )

    So I agree with Myrna: into each curly's life, a little frizz must fall. (With apologies to HW Longfellow)
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