need product recommendations, please!

Basically, I went nopoo around April and have been sulfate /cone free for years. However, though my hair was looking pretty good, it also went through bad phases where it felt dry, went limp, had build up, or was totally greasy...even with ACV rinses. I have been using natural products for forever, but I did something awful today out of desperation. I bought Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and condish...cones and sulfates! I also used some Suave Professionals Curl Mousse. My hair looks and feels so awesome, not stripped at all. Super curly!

However, those products are probably awful for my hair. Does anyone have any idea of natural products I can use that would give me good results? I need a shampoo that will clean but not strip, a hydrating condish, and a noncrunchy styler. Thank you soooo much!
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    Said it many times before, will say it again: I am not no-poo. I shampoo daily and I love the Shea Moisture line. I cannot see how it would strip hair. For conditioner, I use Sally's Cure care, or, more recently,that GVP conditioner that is like the Matrix balm knock off. I know a lot of curlies get great results with shampooing with conditioner but I am not one and never will be.
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    Right? its just a bad hair day, and despite doing the same things you've done before - frizz happens. Frustration.
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    I was technically CG for two years before I found this site eight months ago, but over the last several months I've moved to modified CG. I basically fell in love with CHS Treatment Shampoo, which does contain a sulfate. It's also a super short ingredient list, packs a good protein punch and leaves my hair feeling less stripped than almost any sulfate-free shampoo I've tried. I also started rotating in a LI that has cones on days that I'm training for several hours because I found that it keeps my hair amazingly tangle-free under pretty intense circumstances.

    But if you're looking for a sulfate-free shampoo option, my suggestion would be the newer Renpure Organics formulas (there's a keratin formula and an argan oil formula). They both leave my hair clean but not stripped.

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