my issue w/dry cutting

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I've never had my hair cut dry, though the theory sounds great and makes sense. My only issue (and maybe someone can explain to me more) is that it doesn't seem feasible that your hair would look awesome after re-styling your hair after the cut. I don't know about anyone here, but my hair certainly doesn't curl in the same formations every day. So in theory if you cut each individual curl.... well tomorrow that individual curl is going to become part of a different one, which will not have been cut accordingly, if that makes any sense.

or does it actually work?
OR do they cut your curls based on how they form from your scalp, not from the ends?
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    It's a good point, one that I've wondered too. And I don't exactly have an answer, just some perspective.

    The two DevaCuts I've had they ask you to style your hair normally before you come in to get a good sense of how your curls form. Then, they cut dry, wash, style, and cut again.

    I would imagine while day to day curls don't form exactly the same way, they tend to follow a similar pattern. Post-DevaCut my hair is usually super happy.
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    I never got Deva cuts, but found a couple of stylists who even though never heard of Deva gave awesome dry cuts, just figured out on their own how to do it. I skipped washing and styling at the salon, and left right after a cut, but would wash it at home, and usually it would look the same after it dried as right after the cut, but few times I noticed some parts off balance, asked if I can come in for it to be fixed, and they were totally ok with it.

    I noticed that when I was getting wet cuts hair would lose shape very fast when it was growing out, while after dry shape stays the same for years, it's been years since my last cut and I still have the same shape, just longer.
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    I had my first Devacut a couple months ago and I initially had the same concerns. But it's still very similar to a wet cut. I joke about how the Curly Girl book makes it sound like you're shaping a bonsai tree, but it was nothing like that. The sections were still very small, so even as my hair clumps differently from one day to the next, the curls still look great.

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    Creative License has it exactly right. Even if your curls don't curl exactly the same day after day, they still follow the same pattern.

    The issue is still the same whether you cut your hair wet or dry, in either case: unevenness. IMO, when I get my hair cut dry, I feel better about eliminating the possibility of unevenness because a Deva stylist does what CL said, they cut dry, wash, style and then trim up what they might've missed.

    I've been getting my hair Deva cut for 5 years now, and I would never go back to wet cuts.
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    I know I am in the minority here, and I readily admit I may have just had a bad experience... but the one Deva cut I had was a disaster for this exact reason. My hair was so uneven and ridiculous, because as you said it lays a little different each day. Wet cutting isn't perfect, but at least there is some order to it. I actually had to go have it recut wet after the deva cut, because I couldn't walk around with it that way! Please note I researched carefully and chose a deva certified stylist that was highly rated on this site.
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    True curls change every day. Cutting dry makes no difference with that, neither does cutting wet. However, as an amateur who cuts her families' hair (including my own), I can tell you that it's a lot easier to see what you're doing when you're cutting dry. Even though hair will change when washed, it looks far more like when it was last dry than when it was wet. I think stylists cut hair wet just so hairstyling has more "mystery" around it, so they look more like an "expert". :P

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