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So... We moved to a different state and I searched for a stylist here and found one deva stylist half way near me. She has done my hair twice so far. I'm due for another trim. I'm NOT impressed with her at all!! I actually went in today to get an "emergency" fix it on the sides. Kind of hard to explain but.... my hair is thin and it's layered all over but then starting above my ears all the way down to my shoulders is a handful that is not layered at all. It just hangs. So, I wanted that layered up until my next appointment for a whole head trim. It looks like she just completely missed that part on both sides. She looks at it and acts like she doesn't know what to do. Then she snips only two tiny pieces and hands me the mirror. I'm thinking... "you're kidding right??" I again tried to explain to her what I wanted to make it look evenly matched with the rest of my hair. She said, "the only way I can do that is to cut it very short." I don't buy that one bit. So I left.
So... now what??? I stopped in at my local Aveda shop where I had my color done and she had done the best job ever. I have a consultation/possible hair cut on Sat. with her. She had never heard of a deva cut and I explained it but since she never heard of it.... she didn't get it.
My neighbor goes to her and has wavy hair and said Vanessa is very good and just ask her to cut it dry and if she won't then just leave. My neighbor used to be a hair dresser and said you do have to be careful with curly hair since it's in an S form and you shouldn't stretch it out wet and just cut or it can turn out looking strange. Won't lay right.
I'm NOT good at explaining specifics to hair dressers who don't know curly hair. I'm HOPING Vanessa does! My question to some of you who don't get Deva cuts, how do they trim your hair if it's layered?? Dry,wet?? Have good results long term??
I'm scared to death and I'm sick and tired of looking for someone who can just do a half way decent job.
This deva stylist I've been going to is really on the terrible side. I don't think she knows what to do with length. She might do a decent job with really short hair and keep it all layered. But once you get length, she doesn't know what to do with it so she just leaves it long with no layering or anything.
I just went and lifted my hair up all over and it looks like underneath starting mid scalp, my hair is all one length and on top is layered. Is that normal for a deva cut???

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    update: Went in for the non deva cut and got into a conversation instead with the very nice stylist. She looked at my hair as I told her about the deva type cut. She was perplexed on how my hair was actually cut but commented on how GOOD it looked. I showed her the long pieces on the sides and she said, "that's how it should be if you want length. It might look different to you since you're new to length and your hair IS thin. but I can cut a few pieces to give you a more tapered look on the sides." I had her do it and I laughed and said, "the way you just held my hair and cut those couple of pieces... that's the deva cut - LOL"
    She was VERY intrigued over it and said she is going to look it up this weekend as today is her Friday.
    She said by holding my hair up she can see that it sort of looks "textured" but when she puts my hair back down in it's curl pattern, it looks so FULL and pretty. She said she didn't want to touch my hair since it looks awesome right now and I should continue with my deva cut and she's going to hopefully learn how to do it or something because she is highly interested. I felt good about it after I left. I'll go back to the deva lady for my touch up. Oh and this girl asked how long it had been since my last trim and I told her 3 months and she couldn't believe it. She said the curls lay so pretty for 3 months! I told her each time I go into a place that does it wet and holds it out straight to trim, I leave feeling like I have alot LESS hair and I hate it every single time. And with the deva cut, I leave with bouncy hair and I feel like I still have ALL my hair left :) She said, "there is something to this for sure, I just can't figure out the logic." Since they cut angles and lines it is different.
    I was beginning to think that maybe the deva cut was a "scam". Don't think that anymore. I needed validation from an HONEST non curly stylist and I got that today. What a wonderful person to be honest and not just in it for the money and a haircut. I do go to her for my color. I did NOT like my deva stylist coloring at all!

    Natural hair color - dark brunette
    Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b
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    Darby, I too thought the Deva Cut was a scam but on rainy or humid days and even second hair days I see the difference big time. I think it is because Deva Cuts have more layers and they are blended. Also, the way it is cut dry and each curl is cut individually makes a difference.

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