Better Clumping?

What is the advantages of the denman brush over a wide tooth comb? Does it help with clumping?


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    For me, the denman ripped my hair out and the wtc did not. But I don't use combs and brushes now. Just my fingers. My hair naturally clumps so I don't know which might be better for that.

    eta, I just started using the denman in my DDs hair and it helps her hair to clump. The wtc does not. I haven't had any problems with it ripping her hair either. So I guess it really depends on the person.
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    Denman brushes help to distribute product much more efficiently than wide toothed combs, thus your hair can clump better from product. I find that after detangling with a wtc the Denman helps smooth everything out, get all of the hairs going in the same direction, so that when you scrunch you don't have weird chunks that loop off separately within a curl.
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    Sarah, Can you explain to me what you do with your Denman, from start to finish, when you apply your product? I bought a Denman but have never been able to get it to work for distributing product.
    Right now I just scrunch in product upside down, then flip over, scrunch it in right side up on each side and in the back, and then use my fingers to scrunch all over (upside down again) to distribute the best I can. I know I probably use more product than I ought to - esp. FSG with hard hold gel over it. I'd love to use the Denman and super soaker method to distribute product better - that's what I bought the Denman for, but the Denman just gets tangled in my hair and hangs up in it. I can't pull it through. Even soaking wet hair, it won't pull through. A wide tooth comb does nothing. My fingers are the only thing that work.

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