Help!! Burned, fried falling out hair!!

While I have no one to blame but myself.....I have completely. Fried my hair:( I was having a little fun with bleaching, dyeing etc for the last 3months and my hair is super short-about 3-4 inchs at longest section-I wasnt really concerned with damage. However my ends on the longest bits became straight so I threw a relaxer on freshly chopped back/sides to "even" it out. My hair is beyond burned. It's over. Falling out. I wasn't sure as I was brushing it how much I'd have left on my head:( I have no problem doing BC (agian) but as I just had fresh cut I would be looking towards Amber Rose style- not ready for that. Any tips on products I can use to keep it looking halfway decent for couple months as I slowly chop it off?


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    i would use good deep treatments to keep it very moisturized as it grows in. and any products you use should definitely be cg, so as to be gentle to your new hair.
    maybe moisturizing conditioner to leave in, then maybe just something like spiral solutions emollience butter to seal that in? then maybe just let it do it's own thing, that could be very attactive.
    the time will pass, it will grow. keep us posted!

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    Thanks;) I don't think I can get Spiral Solutions where I live-I've never seen it. And I'm a FA & fly to Paris tomorrow so I'm kinda like need what's here:( it's been so long since I've done the "natural product" thing(I've just thrown Aussie freeze gel & called it a day) and my the options seem endless now:-/ I remember when Curls products were only online; now they're at Target? I have no idea where to begin:(

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    Target carries Curls and also the Shea Moisture line.

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