Curly Girl Vs Tightly Curly

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In this other informative website '', there is an exhaustive ingredient list, which claims that PVP builds up and should be avoided altogether. However, I found this article The Nitty-Gritty Details About Hair Gel in this website which claims PVP is water soluble. Also the CG routine doesn't talk about avoiding PVPs and many CGs swear by products like Organix Moroccon Styling Perfection Cream which has PVPs.

Again, in 'tightly curly' , Dimethicones are considered good, as build up of over 1-2 years can be removed with one mild wash of cocobetaine. :shaking:
There are lots of curlies who swear by either of the methods (CG vs TC), so what are your opinions on PVPs?
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    personally i avoid silicones altogether. I get too confused about it, whats good n whats not, i always read different things for different cones, so i just dont use them at all. my hair spray does have a mild cone in it, though i know i can easily wash it out with my low poo. and i might use it once every 2 months.

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    In the end it comes down to what makes your hair look and feel its best. I also learned that technique is just as important as product. I was technically CG for two years before I found this site, but didn't know about things like plopping or not using a regular towel and my hair looked okay. I found this site, learned techniques and read up more on ingredients and tried a few products with cones that had very good reviews. Even with my occasional cone use my hair looks much better now because my technique has improved and I understand how to take care of my hair based on the types of products that I use.

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    I personally steer clear of PVP, along with polymers (copolymers, crosspolymers, polyquats) and carbomer. I believe all of these are CG, but they present a flash drying, yuck feel to my hair.

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