3b Curlies Assemble LOL! I need help!

Hello fellow curlies LOL,
Anywho, I'm a 3b curly girl. I have long, black extremely frizzy and curly hair. I can't post pictures though. So, I'll just explain. My hair is literally in individual ringlets and I hate it. It's too fuzzy and poofy. I don't want my hair too big! It's like a pyramid even though I have layers. Everyone else in my family has wavy-ish hair. So there no help at all. I don't even know where to start. All my life my hair was in a pigtail.
Last year my hair was in a bun everyday and I look horrendous. I have bangs so I've been straightening them for 3 years. They're pretty much damaged. This year I straightened my hair as well. I wish I had beautiful curls like all of you. I'm going to a salon in a week and I need to know what haircut I'm getting and I'm probably keeping the bangs.
My hairs already in layers. IS there a haircut that would make my tight curls into huge looser curls like taylor swift. I know...I know wishful thinking. But I don't want people coming up to me telling me
"Your hair is so curly. Why don't you permanently straightening it?" For one thing I don't have the money and I wouldn't want to because my hair might fall out. Instead I wish for once people would compliment me instead, Gee I sound so self centered gosh I'll have to work on that! Plus it seems as if my curls patterns are different, i don't know. One tighter than the other? Maybe it's the layers? Should I get rid of them?
SO, what haircut should I get? My curls are really tight. Should I go for shoulder length? I have a round face, so no really short haircuts. Thank you! This is much appreciated! So, what hairstyle do you have or suggest? Thank you so much again. I am very grateful. :cheers:


  • lil_earthmommalil_earthmomma Posts: 35Registered Users
    I think you should post a pic of your current hair style and that will give us a better idea of what might look good or what you might be able to do differently without cutting your hair! :)
    3b-c, growing it out (it's really short right now, peices in the front just touch my nose if I stretch them out! lol), no-poo, no cones :toothy4:

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