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I've got a question for you guys. I just started doing the CG method... I went to a salon yesterday that specializes in the Deva Curl products and the girl showed me the technique for using the products....

So today when I get done with my routine, like she showed me, my scalp is irritated....

It seems to be centralized at the crown area.... and a little to the back of the crown....

So here is my question...

2 things are diffrent... One - I have never before super scubbed my scalp... the girl at the salon yesterday really got down in my scalp... and today when I washed I tried to mimic her as much as I could...

Two - I was using a diffrent gel when I first started and she recommended a diffrent one that I tried today... she didnt acctually use that one yesterday she used the one I was already using but then said "this one" would be better for my hair type...

So the question is - do you think it's just because I scubbed too much? or too hard?

Or is it possible this other gel is causing a reaction?


  • rainboerainboe Posts: 284Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Either could be possible. You should try going back to you old routine for a week or so, to see if that calms you scalp down. Then, introduce the gel again or try scrubbing a little more.

    When I scrub my scalp, I only use the pads of my fingers, not the nails. i go in a small circular upward from the bottom of my hairline. I just make sure I go over ever part of my head, to loosen up product and dirt. I only scrub for one to two minutes, and scrubbing to long would probably make my scalp hurt.
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    i agree to let it cool down for a bit. use a ACV rinse and gently message it in your scalp, then follow with a light. i have made my own growth booster that really helps any scalp problems. i also use it on my bf for his dandruff and after just one use it seems to clear it up.

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    Thanks so much for the responces guys. I did a patch test on my wrists and it's an allergy.. within 20 mins my wrists started itching...

    I dont know what it is in it that's causing it and now I'm freaked out to try anything new....

    i'm so heartbroken too because the deva curl seemed to be doing wonderful things for my hair.. my hair LOVE'd it... but my scalp was just on fire... it didnt bother me so much right out of the shower but after a few hours I couldn't stand it...

    I returned the products today and have this major store credit but now I'm at a loss for what else to try...

    The ask the girl at my salon and she said she could think of nothing compairable to the deva line... So I donno...

    I'm going to go back to my regular routine till my scalp gets back to normal.. and in the mean time start reseaching more products
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    The girl probably doesn't know much about curly lines. If you want to check out other brands, I suggest Curl Junkie, Spiral Solutions, Shea Moisture and Kinky Curly. CJ and SS are lines you can find online and SM and KC you can find at stores like Target.
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