Almost 7 months into my transition and my very is always dry. Help!

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Hello everyone I am currently 6 1/2 months into my transition and I have been trying so many products to help with this dryness. Nothing has seemed to work so far. Also I get so frustrated dealing with 2 different textures and since I have always had long hair I'm scared to cut my relaxed ends off so I'm trying to find some good simple styles to help me along the way. This is a tough journey but I get excited every time I see more new growth lol....the first pic is my hair at 3 months and the 2nd pic is my hair at 5 months I cut a piece of my relaxed ends off. I think my hair texture is 4a or 4b?
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    Have you tried sealing?

    L.O.C. method works well for me when I seal. And my hair stays mositituzed for days.

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    Your hair doesnt look dry and it looks really healthy and shiny! You might be a 3c/4a bc your hair seems to have natural shine. Anyhoo...Im 20 weeks into transitioning and have been searching high and low for the answer to my dryness. FINALLY the angels sang when I started using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie as a moisturizer. My hair loves it. A lot of people like the stylin milk for moisture too. Have you tried either? What products are you currently using (shampoo, DC, leave in, moisturizer, oil)?
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    Your hair looks great! Keep in mind that your relaxed hair has a different cuticle formation; so because it is permanently straightened, it reflects light very easily and appears very shiny. Your natural hair will not shine to this extent; and because you have these two different textures together, it will appear your natural hair is very dry. Kind of like a mind trick going on, especially when you really start seeing a good amount of new growth. I initially really struggled with this the first time I transitioned, and I gave up. I really regretted it. So this time I cut off much more length (MBL to SL), and that actually helped a lot since my natural hair is not competing with so much relaxed hair.

    However, if you find you are having breakage in the new growth area, then you may actually be having problems maintaining moisture. If so, try layering your products on wet (doesn't have to be dripping) hair. I use a spray leave-in, moisturizer/styling cream, and then cover with my favorite oil. Not too heavy, but enough to maintain moisture without applying more everyday; maybe a little every other day. I also cater to the natural hair as far as my product selection goes, and my relaxed hair just tags along. I can't do the L.O.C. method because I have super fine hair and that dries my hair out terribly. But try both and see which method works best for you.

    Hope this helps!:happy10:
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    I'm eight months and moisture was a big fight. The only think that works for me is DB transitioning creme. I don't even have to moisturize twice a day, once is good enough.

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