Coily Woes :/

I can't seem to define my coils. When I part my hair I get great texture. There are tons of coils and great sheen. When I have it in a twa, it's dull (my ends) and fairly undefined. I just kinda looks like a blob of hair. I know that the light will reflect off my hair differently when it's in an afro but is it normal for it to look silky and coily when you part your hair, then dull a puffy when you wear it in a twa?

I rotate between co washing with Suave moisturizing conditioner and using sulfate Ever Creme Sulfate free shampoo.
I wash/ co wash my hair once a week usually.
My daily routine is to spritz with water.
Then I seal the moisture in with a water, canola oil, and coconut milk mixture( I spritz it)
Then I use CURLS- Lavish Curls moisturizer, creme brule' defining cream, and either goddess curls gel or Eco Styler gel
I BC'd almost 2 months ago, and have been relaxer free for 7 months!

Help Please?

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