My Hair is not curly anymore HELP !

Hello Im new to this website , I've never actually participated in forums ever but im DESPERATE.
In an attempt to change ... i damanged my what used to be very curly and beautiful hair. I embraced it and loved it actually. I dont know what to do to try and restore it. At this point im thinking the only solution is to cut it off completely. In addition to the bonds of my hair being broken , it is also falling out in crazy amounts. In the past 6 months I've lost maybe about half of my hair if not more.
The first damage was when i tried to do red chunks in my hair , they left the bleach on too long and as a result parts of my hair was straight, lifeless. It was somewhat back to normal and two weeks ago ( after i thoroughly researched this product) i applied color fix to my hair in an attempt to remove the black from my hair... now ALL of my hair is the same way.

I am seriously freaking out. Does anyone have any suggestions , is this repairable?

Your help is much appreciated !

Heres a before and after :/


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    You may want to start with a few deep treatments to see if that helps. Protein treatment first followed by a moisturizing treatment. Sometimes severe damage cannot be reversed and the only solution is to cut, but I would sure try to repair the damage first. You don't mention your typical routine. Are you using non-sulfate shampoos? Those can be drying and will only aggravate your damaged hair. Are you avoiding silicones? Those can coat your hair and prevent moisture from getting in. There are tons of recommendations here that can help you find products that will help you. Keep reading through the boards - you'll find info and support.
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