Dip dying tips on curly hair?

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I've been seeing so many (straight or wavy haired) girls with brightly colored tips, and it looks SO cute! I would really like to do something fun with my hair for the remainder of the summer... But I'm unsure of how they would look on curly hair - especially my 3B hair. Does anyone here have them? What do they look like on you? Pictures would be appreciated! :)

I have medium brown hair, so I'm thinking maybe some bright teal or purple tips would be fun...

ETA: Sorry, I did a thread search and got no results... But when I did a google search a few seconds ago, there was a result from this section of the boards for a thread on the same topic! So, I'm not sure how many other threads have actually been posted asking this question! But I'm gonna leave it anyway!

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    I actually just got done touching up the dip dye on my hair-- it's currently Manic Panic in Rockabilly Blue and it looks great, I think. The biggest worry I had with it was the bleaching-- I was terrified that I was going to ruin my hair. I only bleached what I wouldn't mind getting cut off in case something terrible was to happen with it, and it's been about 3 weeks now since I've bleached and I really haven't noticed a difference in the health of my hair!

    I bleached from a medium brown to a really light, silvery blonde, so I did a loooot of processing! In order to make the color stay, you really have to process your hair first, or else it won't be able to "grab" on and will all rinse out. If you do color your hair, read this. It's full of awesome tips.

    I would add a picture, but you can't really see the blue unless I'm in natural light. I'll come back and add!
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    I'd love to do mine too but my hair is so tightly curled that I think it would look strange.
    While searching the net for colours, I found this picture. 1f7cd4af-bd46-f78c.jpg
    I think she's a 3b

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