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My friend wants me to make her look prettier! I don't want to agree with her and by trying to change her but I also want her to feel more confident! What should I say?


  • Nappy_curly_crownNappy_curly_crown Posts: 4,162Registered Users
    That's a tough one. I'd ask her what she thinks she needs improvement on...I mean is she asking for help with selecting makeup (foundation, application technique, picking out lipstick, etc), clothes and hair style suggestions and more asthetic type things?

    Also, what's "pretty"? That's so subjective and really varies. The most important thing that a person needs to being seen as pretty or attractive is confidence and no matter how on point the hair, makeup, and clothes, if she doesn't think she's pretty, no one else will. I'd probably try and help my friend see that she's "pretty" already. That's not to say that a new outfit or hairstyle won't enhance what's already there, but that's just it...she should see it as an enhancement of her beauty not "making" her pretty (did that make any sense?)
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  • forestwillowforestwillow Posts: 68Registered Users
    I'm not exactly sure what she wanted me to change. She's just feeling really bad about herself lately and wants a new look. I've already told her a million times that she's beautiful as she is but, she's insisting. I guess that I can help her buy a couple new outfits and maybe give her a bit of advice on hair. She has gorgeous long blonde hair nutshell never wears it down and tries to hide it under hats.
    Thanks so much for the help!
  • goldencurlygoldencurly Posts: 2,385Registered Users
    Ask her what she likes about her appearance. I find when I am feeling down, playing up my assets is much more effective than trying to camouflage my less likable bits. I love my eyes. So when I'm feeling down, I go all out making them up. It beats trying to hide my double chin!