I have coily hair. I'm unsure whether I'm a 4a, 4b, or 4c. I'm fairly certain I have a combination of these hair types. I have a problem with frizz. I have a 3 1/2 inch TWA. I can see/ feel tons of defined coils, especially when I part my hair. But many of my coils are covered in frizz. Its like extra hair that isn't clumping right. How do I better define my coils. I currently do wash and gos, either co washing on with a sulfate free shampoo. My daily routine is to spritz with water , then I use Lavish Curls curl refresher, then curl creme brule hair creme, and eco styler olive oil gel.
I just started using "Goddess Curls" from the Curls line as well.
Does anyone have similar struggles? What are some good ways to control frizz.


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    Maybe the Curls line isn't moisturizing enough for you. I found that to be the problem with my hair. I loved the smell though. For extra moisture try putting a little oil in with your conditioner when you co-wash. I saw that method in another thread recently and I found it worked great when I used a lighter styler like creme brulee. Try a little oil with you poo too. I use safflower seed oil. It's light. olive oil would be great too but it made my scalp itch like crazy. What ever you have on hand should work.
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    I have a bottle of Creme Brulee that has been in my cabinet for more than a year and is still half full. I had to mix it with my li (TJs Nourish and Spa) when I did use it to make it moisturizing enough. Eventually I stopped and realized that my hair prefers creamy conditioners as main moisturizers. I use a dime of hair milks type products to run over my twists before I take them down.
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    how do you sleep wth your hair? if you use a normal pillow case try using a silk or satin one, that really helps to reduce fizz.

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