Time it took to reach shoulder length and bra strap length

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Hey curlies! I was wondering how long did it take you all to reach shoulder length and bra strap length. My hair is just beginning to grow out. It has a bit of hang when it is wet and when my curls are stretched my hair reaches the bottom of my neck, just a little over the shoulder. I wanted to grow out my hair for senior year and, of course, prom.

Oh and by sl and bsl I dont mean when your hair is stretched, i mean when its curly.


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    I started to consciously grow out my hair about Sophomore year, and it was just on my shoulders. I'd say it took about 2 years before it was BSL when curly and now it's about mid-back. My hair grows very, very slowly.
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    I googled info and found out hair grows 1/2 inch a month. I can speed up this process a little bit by taking high potency vitamins.

    I panic everytime I get a hair cut... :oops:

    Hope this helps.
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    It took me 5 years to reach shoulder length (which is waist length stretched).

    TBH, it depends on the rate your hair grows and if your hair shrinks or not.

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    No one can really help you figure out how long it will take you. It would take someone with the exact same amount of shrinkage and the exact rate of growth for the answer to be relevant to you. I would suggest looking at the amount of hang, in its shrunken state, ie. 2", 4" or whatever, figure out how long it took you to get that, figure how many more inches to get to sl, apl or whatever and that should tell you how long it'll take. That's how I figured out it would take 2 years for my hair to be nearly shoulder length, curly.

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    3 years from pixie but I trimmed a lot

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    Thanks! :)
  • ashleyjashleyj Posts: 30Registered Users
    Thanks so much everyone :)
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    It depends on your curl type (how tight the curls are) because that'll contribute to the amount of shrinkage you get.

    I'm a 3b I started my healthy hair journey a little over 2 years ago at barely shoulder length or collar bone when straight but my hair was neck length when curly.
    Keep in mind this is when I was first starting so I had type 2c curls from heat and color damage and I don't think my hair knew how to curl so at the time id didn't get that much shrinkage.
    Now, a little over 2 years later my hair is apl curly and WL straight.
  • ashleyjashleyj Posts: 30Registered Users
    Thanks :), im a type 3c, 4a. i think im mostly 4a tough. i get quite a bit of shrinkage but if i use a little gel it weighs down my curls a little. Thanks again everyone ill have to reconsider my goal for prom. Probably bsl or apl, thats pretty good.

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